Sorette Roose (van Jaarsveld)

Logotherapist – Individual and Group Facilitation

Sorette draws on her academic Psychological, Logotherapy and Organisational Development training, and her own experiences, when working with groups, involved in facilitating leadership- and culture transformation as well as diversity- and change workshops.

Working with individuals, she is involved in life coaching and counselling.

Personal note

Sorette Roose is passionate about creating awareness for people to think about the meaning of their lives. Her belief is simple; everyone is born with a purpose in their heart to be discovered throughout their lives. Sorette's curiosity to find the purpose and meaning of her numerous experiences and interactions has prepared her to facilitate conversation with others to do the same. She beliefs that life is continuously spilling out generosity and look at all interactions and experiences as gifts. She thereby embraces the principle of people taking reciprocal responsibility of being a teacher and a student at any given moment. Living in the “now” and discovering the uniqueness of every situation and person has prepared her to facilitate conversations where people discover their own authentic uniqueness.

Sorette believes that each person should make time to reflect on their numerous experiences and interactions. Through this reflection meaning is discovered which leads to a higher sense of wisdom. This inspires and motivates people to discover the higher purpose of their existence. She believes that the workplace is an ideal place for such meaning to be discovered as work forms an integral part of the lives of most people. The workplace is therefore an ideal place where meaningful transformation can take place when people integrate their numerous meaning discoveries and collectively transform organisations to make a meaningful contribution to society.


  • Bachelor of Law (1994): University of South Africa
  • B.A. in Psychology (1999): University of South Africa
  • Honours in Psychology (2002): University of South Africa
  • Master of Arts in Psychology Cum Laude (2004), Title of thesis: Finding Meaning in the Workplace: University of South Africa
  • Certificate in Logotherapy, Centre for Applied Psychology, University of South Africa (2004)
  • Associate in Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Dallas, Texas, (2005)
  • Diplomate Educator, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Dallas, Texas (2005)
  • Certificate in Group Process and Consultation, Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of South Africa (2006)
  • Registered as Counsellor (Specialist/Counselling/Research) at the Council for Counsellors South Africa (2007)
  • Facilitation and Therapy, Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of South Africa (2007)
  • Diplomate Clinician, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Dallas, Texas (2009)
  • Professional Coaching Course (PCC), Centre for Coaching, Graduate School of Business, UCT (2012)
  • Accredited as an Integral Coach by New Ventures West, USA (2013)
  • Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF) (2013)
  • Member of Coaches and Mentors in South Africa (COMENSA)

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Meaningful quotes

The shaping of deeply felt values into meaningful, apposite form, is present in all communities, and will find some means of expressions among all. Dell Hymes

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