• Ashmin Pillay

    Ashmin Pillay

    Clinical Logotherapist

    Healing through meaning/individual psychotherapy. Ashmin believes in preserving the rights and the dignity of human beings, strongly believing that no individual is without value regardless of who you are or where you've been.

    ashmin.logo@gmail.com +27 (0)31 262 0132

  • Dr Barbara Johnson

    Dr Barbara Johnson

    The People Developer

    Barbara has some 35 years of experience in people development. Barbara believes in stepping out of her own comfort zone, just as she asks her clients to do.

    www.leadershipdimensions.co.za +27 (0)31 716 8226

  • Debbie Beech

    Social Worker

    There is always hope, sometimes we just have to find it.

    +27 (0)83 232 5535

  • Derick Poremba-Brumer

    Derick Poremba-Brumer

    Inspirational Speeches

    Derick's speeches give Currently Unaffected People (those who haven’t been involved in an accident – YET) the belief that they can do anything in life if they can give it personal meaning.

    derickbrumer@gmail.com +27 (0)82 749 3549

  • Dr Meba Alphonse Kanda

    Dr Meba Alphonse Kanda

    Meaning-centred Counselling and Workshops

    Achieving holistic healing for individual and community health and peace through the search for meaning.


  • Jackie Lyons

    Jackie Lyons

    Individual Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Couple/Marital Therapy, Scholastic Assessments, Medical Hypnoanalysis, Logotherapy

    Parkwood, Johannesburg

    Logotherapy has helped Jackie break free from old patterns of thoughts and behaviours. It has also given her new ways to answer for her own life by detecting the meaning of the moment and assuming her responsibility for living a meaningful, authentic life.

    jclyons@telkomsa.net +27 (0)11 788 5811

  • Klasie Wessels

    Klasie Wessels

    Personal Development

    Personal development through experiential journeys to India and Nepal. Klasie combines teachings and techniques of logotherapy with personal experiences.

    klasie@streetschool.co.za +27 (0)82 554 4614

  • Marylyn Hodkinson

    Marylyn Hodkinson

    Professional and Ethical Counselling

    Marylyn offers online counselling under the umbrella of logotherapy. The primary aim of this service is to provide access to professional and ethical counselling, no matter who you are or where you live in this world of ours.

    marylyn@logotherapycounselling.com www.logotherapycounselling.com

  • Panayiota Ryall

    Panayiota Ryall

    Adult Survivors of Child Abuse


    Specialising in adult survivors of child abuse, as well as working with clients in helping them to discover (where possible) the unique meaning message/s to be found in their "night-time dreams", and also "childhood daydream worlds" which they might still visit from time to time in their adulthood. Panayiota also finds great meaning in working with youth, the aged, terminally ill, dying and bereaved people. Panayiota does not do couples counselling.

    pattyskeys@gmail.com +27 (0)79 370 7702 www.pattyskeys.co.za

  • Sorette Roose (van Jaarsveld)

    Sorette Roose (van Jaarsveld)

    Logotherapist – Individual and Group Facilitation


    Sorette aims to inspire people towards meaningful living through Integral Coaching, Logotherapy and Leadership eVolution.

    sorette@evolvesolutions.co.za +27 (0)11 849 5021

  • Dr Zelda Isaacson

    Logotherapy Sessions and Workshops

    Glenhazel, Highlands North, Sandringham

    Zelda uses an eclectic approach within a logotherapeutic framework. This includes guided meditation, dream analysis and psychodrama. Zelda has had articles published in the Logotherapy Journal on dream analysis and the role of love in relationships.

    charlesi@worldonline.co.za +27 (0)11 786 9537

  • Elma Bartlett

    Marital, Relationship and Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Bereavement and Loss Therapy

    Meaning can be found in any situation whether it is loss, trauma or a transitional phase. Elma has more than 30 years of experience in working with families, relationships and trauma.

    elma@barnau.co.za +27 (0)82 920 0437

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